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What Can I Do For You?

Parent Empowerment

Get the tools, tips, trainings and advice from a child mental health professional in an easy-to-understand way  

Beauty Training

Bring out your own unique beauty by building confidence and a strong skillset with proper skincare, hair styling and makeup application 


Personal support for changing your mindset regarding growth through an e-commerce health and charity platform

Bridal makeup
Bridal hair and makeup
Bridal hair
Event hair and makeup
Event hair and makeup
Event hair and makeup
Event hair and makeup
Event hair and makeup
Event hair and makeup
Headshots makeup

about me.

Hello and welcome! I am Neena, a wife, a mother to four little kids, a beauty professional, an entrepreneur, performer, yogi, women’s advocate, business mentor, and parent coach. Before going home full-time I worked as a School Psychologist (EdS, NCSP), which is a mental health professional in the schools who not only helps children, but helps parents, teachers and administrators manage student behavior through emotional responsiveness and regulation tactics. I LOVE talking childhood mental health, but more importantly, empowering this generation of parents and grandparents to do better in their emotional care of children. I’m grateful to have you here, and look forward to connecting with you!

The Butterfly Campaign

🦋 The Butterfly Campaign is an international mission-based community creating significance in the lives of others by giving women the option to work from anywhere 💻 leveraging a systemized social media strategy and dramatically impacting people’s health utilizing nutrigenomics & 🌱 plant stem cell technology, disrupting the pharmaceutical world 💊, feeding starving families across the globe 🍚 and building schools for the less fortunate through our unparalleled charity 🤝. 


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