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and so it begins!

This has been a long time coming! Ever since I increased my presence on social media just a few short years ago, I found that I absolutely loved to share advice in a way that was truly helpful in another person's life. Over the years however I felt like my efforts within personal messages, direct messages, and phone calls did not have the far-reaching scope I desired. I needed a way to streamline the process of support and advice-giving to a wider audience that could be accessible even when I wasn't. Plus there isn't a day that goes by where I don't have a bazillion ideas on tips, tricks, hacks and helpful messages I feel compelled to share!

All the things I'm passionate about, have experience with, have researched, or have learned and loved. Basically, all things Neena. get it, get it??

My goal here is to educate, and consequently empower you to go on in a more informed and deliberate way.

If you and I have never connected, "hi!" and "welcome"! I'm super glad to have you here. So we're not total strangers, head to the About Me section to get us acquainted... but what I want to speak about is what I can do for you.

Along with beauty, business and health mentorship, I have a great passion for parent and child advocacy. Too long parents and children have been unfairly harmed because research-based parenting strategies regarding emotional care toward children are not widely known and utilized. Abuse, neglect, and harm-doing is happening everyday just because we perpetuate old traditions in parenting. My passion is to change that. The cycle ends with YOU as you emotionally respond to your children, practice good and proven strategies, and start conversations that were often avoided in the past and more importantly, open the lines of communication through love, compassion, and understanding with your children. I'm here to support you in this great work, and it is possibly the most important work we will ever do.

I'll be posting when I have something meaningful to share, so don't expect me to spam you... I'm interested in quality over quantity. In addition to my own advice, I'll be content-curating to present reliable resources and advice in a way that it feels like a friend giving advice, and I hope you take it that way! I have big dreams for what this space is to become, but for now I'm giving myself grace and starting where I can. You can expect blog posts and podcasts, makeup and hair tutorials (especially for pixies!), video trainings and coursework for parents, natural wellness and education, as well as business tools and mentorship for entrepreneurs.

For those who are not already connected with me through my Instagram page, hop over and lets connect! And subscribe HERE so you don't miss out on all the amazing content that's going to be showing up here soon!!

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